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Gumbos by Carolina Gumbaya
"Gumbo - It's more than just a soup"


From our satisfied customers


I was Cajun born and bred, grew up with authentic Bayou Lafourche gumbo, and have to admit that I was quite surprised at how lovely this Carolina gumbo is! Delicate roux, wonderful texture, great layering of seasonings. I sprinkled a little Filé powder and was taken back to my grandmother's kitchen in the bayou area. Aside from my own or my mother's, I haven't had gumbo this good in the Carolinas, ever! C'est si bon!
Nashville, North Carolina, United States 

Fabulous Gumbo 

Just wanted to echo others in saying that this is simply the best tasting gumbo I've ever tasted from a frozen container. This gumbo taste as if you're sitting down in a 5-star restaurant so I just had to let someone know. I purchased from WalMart just to try as I've tried many others and this was by far the best! I'm originally from Savannah and just recently moved back to Georgia and have been looking for a good gumbo that I can enjoy without always having to prepare it. :) It's soo good!!  Carrie P. of Covington GA 11/30/16

I tried your gumbaya today & was blown away at the sophisticated, delicious, authentic, fresh taste of it!  Truly amazed that it was ever frozen.  Thank you!!! I've subjected many of my friends to creole/Cajun cooking over the years. This is hands down the BEST store bought product I have ever purchased. Even in LA or TX! Its always nice to open peoples eyes to new food! I live in Shelby, NC. I didn't purchase it in this area though... I'll be back down to the Grand Strand soon to fill my freezer of Gumbaya!  Amy Jo, Shelby NC

From our friends in Baton Rouge:

On behalf of our Baton Rouge office – THANK YOU so very much for the  Seafood Gumbo!! We heated a great big pot yesterday and had an awesome lunch! It was delicious!  Thanks again!

I have to admit the gumbo was good. Surprisingly not being from Louisiana it was seasoned well. Impressed. 

We just had it for dinner!  It was fabulous!!!  Thank you so much!  This will definitely become a regular on my family's dinner table. Sincerely, Anne S. from Pawley's Island, SC  

Well ya'll this is Travis S.  It (gumbo) is absolutely amazing very good.  I'll spread the news here and everywhere!!!! Travis S., Covington, G