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Carolina Gumbaya Gumbo

Gumbos by Carolina Gumbaya
"Gumbo - It's more than just a soup"

About Us

Our Story

Ed Mueller and Laura Spencer are the co-owners of Carolina Gumbaya.  Both have owned restaurants, love good food and LOVE GUMBO!  

We moved to Myrtle Beach and the first thing that we made in our kitchen was gumbo!  That pot had all the wonderful fresh seafood imaginable with a beautiful roux.  The gumbo took several hours to make, but it was well worth it.  It was delicious!  

Given the rich history of the origins of gumbo in South Carolina, we ventured out to find gumbo in our area restaurants.  We had a difficult time finding it on a menu.   So we decided to make gumbo for others to enjoy.

We created a beautiful gumbo with premium quality ingredients and great flavors.  Carolina Gumbaya was established in 2013.

Member of the South Carolina Specialty Food Association